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Lifetime Memberships

 Unlike other hair removal processes, laser hair removal will produce amazing results with no mess and no pain! In addition to our regular laser hair removal services we now also offer lifetime memberships. Now, with our lifetime laser hair removal membership you’ll never have to worry about the hair growing back! We will treat you for life if any hair remains!!

Lifetime Laser Hair Removal Memberships

No surprise costs, and worrying about not being completely smooth!

No Stray Hairs

Never worry about another stray hair. Sometimes the odd hair grows back and now you can take care of it with our lifetime membership at no extra cost.

No Worries

The amount of sessions someone needs for hair not to grow back varies per person. Now there’s no need to worry about how many you need to book. No surprise costs.

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Save Money

With a simple monthly fee that’s less than the cost of a monthly waxing treatment you’re guaranteeing smooth, hair free skin.

Complimentary Laser Services



Test Spot



Free with arms


Free with legs


Upper Legs

Lower Legs

Full Legs

Womens’ Services



bare. it all LA

Belly Button




Upper Arms

Lower Arms

Full Arms

Men’s Laser Services



Pilonidal Sinus

Full Back

Chest & Stomach

Men’s pubis & Testicles

Men’s Face & Neck


At bare. PAINLESS Laser Hair Removal & Skin Rejuvenation Clinic, we go above and beyond for all our customers — offering quality service along unbeatable prices for years.

Packages offer unmatched savings to consumers!

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Lower Legs, Bikini & Underarms

Full Face : Beneath eyes, full cheeks, upper lip, chin & neck

Mostly bare. Full legs, bare it all LA & Underarms

Men’s bare. It All :

Want that smooth hair free feeling?
Laser is the answer ! Experienced & licensed technician

Custom Services

Need a package not listed here?  Not a problem, contact us today for custom packages.

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